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A Little TV, Screens & Such

E got to watch lots of fun stuff on the plane ; Mary Poppins Returns anyone?

I have been pondering about how TV and movies can be a great way to connect with others....CAN be...I mean someone references a TV show you've seen and BAM, you just realized you have 100 hours of shared experiences. That being said, most people who know Matt and I could guess that we also support setting reasonable limits to what our little guy watches and how much time he is in front of a screen. Our 2 1/2 year old loves Daniel Tiger (It's like the next generation of Mr. Rogers and it's amazing), The old 20 minute VHS of "Mr. Grinch", and Disney's ancient short film "Mickey and the Beanstalk".

We didn't even own a TV until this year, but that doesn't mean we never watched things.

Back in 2012 I got pretty sick with Crohn's. Physical movement was a bit limited and while I recovered from 2 major abdominal surgeries, my sister Heidi introduced us to some of our favorite shows. (Why not trim my colon, it's far too long....and who needs an appendix anyway? ) I sometimes forget how far I have come since 2012. I had the BEST surgeons and the best team cheering me on. That is another story for another day would probably need to come with a warning label for anyone who doesn't like Medical discussions.

We like lots of shows here and again -- Modern Family, The Middle, The Office, Star Trek, The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt, Community, Raising Hope, Marie Kondo, Andy Griffith Show, Big Bang Theory, The Good Place -- You can see a pattern of generally upbeat, humorous, and somewhat clean. There are very few shows we could watch over and over again. I can't stomach violence, nudity, horror...etc. (And I mean I am a BIG scaredy pants....I never watched the Dark Knight, I don't even watch the Avengers movies....but Matt does...and he enjoys them on his "dude nights" where he can go watch action movies to his heart's content or play a little video games with pals.)

The one show we really could watch over and over again, and DO watch over and over again, is Parks and Rec. Everything from Leslie's crazy energy to hating Councilman Jam is satisfying. Somehow sitting down and watching Leslie accomplish 40 billion things each episode leaves us hungry for more. Let's take a minute to talk about Jerry though.What are your thoughts? Do you think it's OK to show a bullied guy in the office for the purpose of building empathy in watchers? Or do you dislike that part of the show? Just curious.

We enjoy SO many things (books, outdoors, games, working on our business together,

Matt is the best.

writing music together, projects etc) that we don't watch a ton of TV. When we do sit down and watch something fun, it will be after our little guy is asleep, and it will always be together; we love the excuse to sit down and do nothing but cuddle on the couch, appreciate similar jokes, and enjoy the genuine quality time that comes from the shared experience of watching a little nothing.

What are your favorites? Judging by what we watch, what recommendations do you have?

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