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Daily Life: Work or Fun?

Joanna here...Due to the many options and various life paths, I often shy away from asking about work/school...but I will sometimes ask: "What do you do in the daytime?"

For us, we hit the jackpot, because we LOVE what we do.

I teach school at a Title 1 Elementary school, which, in other terms, would be a lower-income school, or a school with more needs. The socioeconomic status of an area definitely affects the overall feeling of a school, but I really love it. I love feeling needed, and I love the energy, creativity, and motivation required in my field. Each day can be the best day ever, and I am the boss of my own classroom. Maybe I am a control freak in this aspect, but I LOVE being able to determine the mood, atmosphere, and activities of each day. And maybe it goes without saying, but 8-year-olds are a lot more fun to be around all day than office mates.

Matt, my better half, is full-time dad while our son is awake, and full time musician during his naps. We chose this and we love it. When I say full-time dad, sometimes it goes into other people's ears as "lazy bum who stays home." NOT sure where the disconnect is, because he is seriously so good at what he does, (not to mention that anyone with that attitude towards a full-time mom would be disowned in our culture). I will come home and he will have done laundry, taken our son to the Library, gone grocery shopping, and written 3 new songs, etc. Which, while we are on the subject, we openly acknowledge that "full-time musician" is also pretty open ended, so I am going to delve a little deeper. Matt is usually juggling 3 different musical branches simultaneously, which are:

- Hopscotch (Business)

- The Count of Monte Cristo (Original Musical)

-The Hoover Jam (Band)

We love working on Hopscotch together and can't wait to see where it goes. In the meantime the "daily grind" of Fall, Winter, and Spring is pretty great. Stay tuned for a summer synopsis, because it is obviously a little different.

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